• Steve Nugent

1st Volunteer Day- February 15, 2020!

Attention Centerville Area Community Members:

February 15th (the Saturday after Valentine’s Day) 2020, will be our first “Volunteer Day” for planting wildflower seeds at the Centerville Park. Volunteers are encouraged to come out and bring a gardening rake, shovel, and any other minor yardwork tools they may have to help plant the seeds for the park project. Certain seeds are to be lightly covered with soil, and some are to be spread evenly on top of the soil, and then pressed with a roller (the seeds need both daylight AND soil contact to germinate). The soil beds have already been tilled and prepared. We will re-till and drag them before Feb. 15th so the soil should be nice and fluffy. As is usual, the weather plays a MAJOR part in when and what we can do … so keep checking the website below and our Facebook page (Centerville Wildflower Walk) to stay informed. Please feel free to sign up on the Volunteer Calendar Page at our website:

We will start the activities on Saturday at 9:00am. A brief meeting will be held at 9:00am to make sure that each group knows HOW to spread seed, what TYPE of seed they are spreading, and WHERE to seed. This is very important. Care should be taken at all steps to insure a good germination rate.

The next Volunteer Day is set for Saturday, Feb. 29th (Leap Day!), where we will be planting a few TREES (they are 30-gal. container grown – large and established) and doing over-seeding on areas that were previously missed. We will probably not schedule another volunteer day until enough trees and benches are donated to justify getting a group together. Hopefully these two days should be enough to get things up and growing.



We saw an opportunity when looking at the Centerville Park. Adding beautiful wildflowers and trees to the sidewalk that surrounds the park adds wonderful scenery for your walks, shade, and encourages more people to visit the park! Help us support our community- support the Centerville Wildflower Walk! Price to donate a tree is $150 and includes transport, plaque, supplies to plant and more. 


T: 337-578-7803