Wildflower Walk Progress


Updated: Feb 8

Hello supporters! While we are so excited about meeting all of you together to plant our wildflowers, unfortunately we must reschedule the volunteer day. We have been closely monitoring the soil temperature to make sure our seeds grow healthy and germinate properly, and the soil won't be warm enough by the 15th. Not only that, but the additional rain has made the ground too wet for us to plant. We don't want our volunteers ruining any clothes or slipping as a result of muddy plants. If the ground is too wet when we plant, the seeds won't grow correctly either. So with this combination of cold soil and wet grounds, we are putting the Volunteer Day on hold until the sun warms the soil to the right temperature and makes it dry enough to plant. We will keep you all updated on the soil properties in the meantime.

Here is a photo taken of the ground cover at the park this morning! If only the weather would cooperate with our plans! But lucky for us, we have great supporters like you to work together when the time is right for our wildflowers.

Steve Nugent has assured us that he will continue to monitor the soil temperature every other day, and until then he will maintain the beds already there. For now, the goal is to keep tilling the soil, tending to the beds, and monitoring the temperature. Thank you all for your support, and please do keep an eye out for our rescheduled Volunteer Planting Day!


The Centerville Wildflower Walk Team

Updated: Feb 6

We have many trees to choose from. Read below for different tree meanings, and see which one would satisfy your donation and memorialize your loved one in the best way possible!

Once you have picked your tree, please email to reserve the tree you want!

As of 1pm, Thursday, February, 2020, these trees are available:

We have reached our tree goal!! Thank you to the support of everyone from our wonderful community!!

The days are quickly marching towards the first Volunteer Day at Centerville Park for the first round of wildflower seed planting!  Mark your calendars - Saturday, February 15th from 10:00am – noon – and bring a rake!  (As a fun “thank you”, all volunteers will be treated to free snowballs after they work the seed planting!)  Here are some pics of the seeds that are able to grow in our area and soil … some have to be covered with soil, some have to be planted on the surface (some need daylight to germinate).  We would like to arrange the future plants in such a manner so that as you walk the path, the colors change from one to another gradually … like walking through a rainbow!  Sadly, not all of the colors will grow in our area (like bluebonnets and purples), so our “rainbow effect” will be somewhat limited, but certainly spectacular when the flowers appear in 2021 …  yes, it takes two years of growth before the flowers will make their debut.  Soooo, in the meantime, we shift to the TREES that are planned.  The trees will hopefully be donated by community members (like the future benches), but will be planted and maintained by Centerville FFA and Ag students, as well as teams of locals that care to volunteer.  The trees are in the planning and selection stage at this point, but I thought it might be fun to show the community what we have to choose from.  Remember, we are not planting tiny seedlings,  but rather, well established 15 and 30 gallon container-grown trees (container-grown trees range in size from 8ft to 15ft tall).  These future trees will give beautiful spring and summer color blooms plus additional fall foliage color, and some will also emit sweet bloom fragrances for park visitors to enjoy.  The trees will, of course, have to be staked and watered as they adjust to the planting, but we are hopeful that they will add shade and color as you walk through the wildflower rainbow.  Again, we would like to thank the members of Recreation District #7 for purchasing the seeds and getting the first stage of the beautification under way.  They share our hope that the park will gradually evolve into a beautiful and colorful attraction for the community to enjoy for decades to come! 

Tree prices for donated ones will be coming this Spring, after the Recreation Board decides on the best ones and how many to plant.  Please note that the trees will be accompanied with a small plaque that states who donated each tree and who the trees are in memory of (if so desired).  Stay tuned in to the website to see which trees are available and how to donate.  Trees will range in price from $120 - $320.  The cost of the trees covers the delivery, planting, staking, and plaque.  The larger and more exotic trees are more costly, of course, but fewer will be needed since there are already some very nice established oak trees that are growing nicely!


We saw an opportunity when looking at the Centerville Park. Adding beautiful wildflowers and trees to the sidewalk that surrounds the park adds wonderful scenery for your walks, shade, and encourages more people to visit the park! Help us support our community- support the Centerville Wildflower Walk! Price to donate a tree is $150 and includes transport, plaque, supplies to plant and more. 


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