We want to beautify the park in Centerville, Louisiana. We want to foster a sense of community and happiness through our community. What better way than through the volunteers planning to plant these wildflowers around the park walk in Centerville! Our goal is simple: to plant wildflowers, trees, and place benches in and around the park. We hope to add a sense of beauty and happiness when families come to play and visit. While your children play on the playground, parents and loved ones can watch from benches close by, shaded by beautiful crepe myrtle trees donated by members of the community. We couldn't do this without your support. Thank you for continuing to support our endeavors as we beautify the Centerville park!

Please note:

We may need your help … It is VITAL that the St. Mary Parish grass cutters and other maintenance crews take precautions to NOT CUT THE WILDFLOWERS or DISCHARGE GRASS CLIPPINGS into the wildflower beds!!  Grasses (the stems and seeds) can and will out-compete the flowers and re-take the beds if folks aren’t careful with the mowers.  Please let the workers know that they need to help us keep the grass out of the beds by aiming their grass clippings AWAY FROM THE BEDS when they cut.  They have been notified of what is happening, but may forget since they are often in a hurry to get the job done.


We have reached our donation goal!! Thank you to everyone who has donated!

 If you would like to donate a tree or a bench for the project, we will be accepting those gifts starting in March of 2020 via the website.  Pricing for the various items that we plan to use at the park will be published as soon as we get quotes from our suppliers (Doug Young Nursery in Forest Hill, Marvin’s Gardens in Patterson, and Lowe’s in New Iberia).  Please note that there are many trees we need for the park, but only a limited number of benches and concrete pads.  More on this to come!


We saw an opportunity when looking at the Centerville Park. Adding beautiful wildflowers and trees to the sidewalk that surrounds the park adds wonderful scenery for your walks, shade, and encourages more people to visit the park! Help us support our community- support the Centerville Wildflower Walk! Price to donate a tree is $150 and includes transport, plaque, supplies to plant and more. 


T: 337-578-7803

E: centervillewildflowerwalk@gmail.com